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World Eye Reports (WER) brings together the world’s forwardlooking companies and Asia’s premier media in the global powerhouse economies of China, Korea and Japan. Focusing on the globe’s most exciting areas of investor interest, WER provides its corporate communities with direct access and specialized promotion in the heart of Asia — through one-onone interviews with CEOs that get their points across to current and prospective clients via print and digital media packages. 

WER creates reports that bring the world to the eyes of Asia’s most important markets.

We focus on Client Satisfaction

“I congratulate The Japan Times on the publication of its 5th Country Investment Report on the Philippines, in partnership with World Eye Reports.

...Japan’s role as an ally has been essential in this regard. Indeed, both our countries have worked together on many fronts, and it is fitting that we also celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement and the 40th Anniversary of the Japan-ASEAN partnership...

Congratulations, and I wish you fortitude in the years ahead.”

Benigno S. Aquino III
President of the Philippines

“In addition to your excellent coverage of relations between Japan and Canada, I would like to express my appreciation for the substantial amount of attention you specifically devoted to relations between Japan and Quebec and also for your mention of the 50th anniversary of the Consulate General of Japan here in Montreal. In recognition of this anniversary, the Consulate General will hold numerous cultural events in Quebec as well as the Atlantic provinces throughout 2010. Thank you again for drawing attention to this important year for us.”

Hiroaki Isobe
Japan Consul General in Canada

“Thank you very much for your letter and for the enclosed copy of the April edition of The Japan Times featuring Poland. I have read the article with great interest. It is always extremely important for a city to be present in international newspapers and magazines as it helps to promote both the city and the country. Therefore the fact that the lead article of the magazine was devoted to Gdansk and Poland is very much appreciated.”

Pawel Adamowicz
Mayor of Gdansk

“Thank you for all of your efforts with the article that was published in China Daily and International Business Daily. We have been able to confirm the contents of the published article in both the copies you posted to us and in China Daily’s online edition. I am grateful that the final article was able to convey my thoughts appropriately and accurately. With the article showing how those from China and Japan can thrive by working together, it would be especially fortunate if this story can lend itself in some way to helping improve ties between the two countries.”

Mitsuo Someya
President and CEO

“[WER] recently produced an article on Royal Holloway, University of London, explaining its mission and relevance to aspiring international students.

We found [WER] to be well informed, professional and eager to provide us with the exposure we were looking for.”

Professor Paul Layzell
Royal Holloway University of London

“Thank you for inviting us to participate in The Japan Times special report on “The Netherlands” which was published on March 7, 2009. The team of people from World Eye Reports has done a professional job and we are satisfied with the representation of our company in this issue of The Japan Times.”

Petra C. Fujiwara
Head of Corporate Communications
Fujifilm Europe

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