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Are you curious about the world?

Do you dream of a job that will take you to places you have never been, and meet the people who lead the governments and companies that make our world run?

Do you want the equivalent of an international MBA that will cost you nothing (except hard work, perseverance and bringing the best of yourself to meet the world's movers and shakers)?

(We're not kidding about the hard work.)

Then join World Eye Reports.

We produce reports that bring together the world's most forward-looking companies with Asia's premier media from the powerhouse economies of Japan, China and Korea.

We're looking for team members for our international projects who will connect the world's public and private sector leaders to Asia's most dynamic marketplaces.

If you are sick of your daily office commute, we offer you a different commute every single day.

If you're tired of your work desk, we offer you a different work space in a different city every season.

If you yearn to go beyond the limits of your current life, we offer you the keys to unlock the world.

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