International Sales

Please contact us if you fit all of the following requirements:

a. First and foremost: you want to work in sales. Salesmanship is in your DNA, and you want to unleash this worldwide. You are a university graduate with at least two years working experience in a job that includes SALES.

b. You are an ambitious and hard-working gypsy-at-heart, a self-starter who would thrive working in 3 to 5 countries around the world each year.

c. You are free of compromise and yearn to live and work while traveling all year round: moving from city to city in three to four-month stints. IMPORTANT: Please note that this job has no permanent base nor city. It involves being located for periods of up to four months each in cities around the world.

d. You enjoy writing informative business articles in English.

e. You speak fluent English, are familiar with English business terms and can conduct business interviews that inspire and captivate the people you meet.

f. You are a natural leader, but you can also work harmoniously as a team member working towards a common goal.

g. You possess a European Union passport.

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