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China Daily

China Daily (CD) has firmly established itself as the leading English-language news organization in China. Founded on June 1, 1981, it publishes daily, providing information, analysis and comment to its readers. CD’s international reports are read by cosmopolitan-minded Chinese executives who need to have a pulse on the world’s most exciting centers of growth, trade and investment.

China Daily is the most authoritative English-language publication in China — it is the most frequently quoted by international wire services, newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations. For most of the world, China Daily is the only reliable window into what is happening within China and is a reflection of the direction in which the country wants to go.

China Daily is distributed where people from other countries work or gather — decision-making centers such as foreign organizations, embassies and consulates — wherever large international activities andforums are held, in domestic and international airlines and major airports, as well as top hotels.

China Daily readers are well-educated people, both in China and abroad. They include government decision-makers, ambassadors and other diplomatic personnel, senior executives of multinationals and other business people, and members of chambers of commerce in various countries, as well as experts and scholars.

The paper has set up a China Daily holding company, with branches in the US, UK and Asia Pacific with editorial and administrative offices in Washington D.C., New York, San Francisco, London, Brussel and Hong Kong.

China Daily is printed in 24 different locations around the globe.

All World Eye Reports supplements in China Daily are uploaded to their web site a few days after publication, and fully available for reference for at least two years – providing a long-term presence for WER advertisers years after the supplement is published. They are also available for downloading in accessible PDF format. The China Daily website exceeds 31 million page-views per day, significantly increasing the reach of WER supplements.

Cooperating with the biggest airlines of China (China Airlines, Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines), over 40,000 copies of CD are delivered everyday for distribution in their domestic and international flights, thus having direct access to the traveling businessperson.

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