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2003 REPORTS > THAILAND - August 9, 2003
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Private conglomerate makes its move  
Kris Narongdej, CEO of Kasem-Phornthip Narongdej Group
For over three decades, the family owned Kasem-Phornthip Narongdej (KPN) Group has been building a strong business empire within the Thai automotive industry. Operations today include automotive parts and components manufacturing, machinery and engineering. Following the Asian crisis, the group’s companies have returned to profitability. Its CEO, Kris Narongdej, explains: “KPN Group is now in a position to really move ahead.”

“Today’s overall economic climate in Thailand, especially in the automotive sector, is growing. With the addition of our restructuring processes, this has helped us to become more profitable,” says Narongdej proudly. “Although the business environment is changing rapidly, we are now in a position to expand. I want to see the company grow and be well positioned to change and adjust.”

Indeed, changes are already underway as Narongdej prepares to list two KPN Group companies on the Bangkok Stock Exchange: ‘KPN Plastics’ and ‘International Forging Company’. The group is also looking to grow through further acquisitions, although Narongdej also concedes that stable growth is the key to success.

“It is not a question of how fast we can grow; I would rather move gradually,” he says, “through creating a solid base and building a reputable company. Changes come every day, you have to be prepared to adapt and make adjustments. Our goal is to be the largest and the best at what we do.”

Starting its core business with Yamaha motorcycles, KPN Group first aimed to position itself as the leading original equipment manufacturer supplier to a variety of automotive companies. Narongdej now sees great potential in the after-market sector as well, which he considers to be: “virtually untapped in Thailand.”

In line with strengthening the KPN Group’s business, Narongdej reveals his aims for the future: “We intend to become a more profit-driven group and to continue working in close cooperation with foreign companies. We are now in a position to really move ahead. Companies setting up in a foreign country require a certain understanding of the local people and their culture. Thailand definitely remains an attractive place to invest, and our years of expertise means we can offer strong local networking.”
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Private conglomerate makes its move
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