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2008 REPORTS > HONG KONG - March 3, 2008
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HK women say ‘bonjour’ to beauty  
Bonjour Chairman Wilson Ip
Starting in 1991 with only one store and a handful of employees, Bonjour has become one of Hong Kong’s most reputable and popular health and beauty retail, and spa chains. Sixteen years on, it has set up almost 30 shops and seven one-stop salons that offer everything from complete body treatments to simple foot massages.

After joining forces in 1996 with his wife, the original founder of Bonjour, Chairman Wilson Ip helped catapult Bonjour to the top of the HK beauty retail market.

With his business-savvy and seasoned managerial skills, Ip has transformed Bonjour from a small enterprise to a market leader that is growing at a consistent pace, with the opening of two to three shops annually. Bonjour also expanded into the mainland market with the opening of its first stores in Macau and Shanghai. In 2003, the company was publicly listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Bonjour shops carry over 30,000 products from around the world and are exclusive distributors of several renowned brands, including Swiss Plus, Suisse Reborn and Rote Fabrik from Switzerland, marie claire from France, Bodytouch from Thailand and YUME´ I from Japan.

Ip points out that Japanese brands have remained extremely popular among Bonjour’s customers because they are of high quality and very affordable.

Bonjour sets itself apart from the myriad of beauty retailers in this shoppers’ paradise by sticking to its mission to cater to every woman.

Unlike other well-known health and beauty retailers that carry only luxury brands, Bonjour carries an expansive range of products in every price range. With nearly 30,000 purchases a day, its customer traffic is impressive by any standard.

Offering more than 30,000 products from around the world, Bonjour is Hong Kong’s sole distributor of renowned brands of health and beauty products, such as Swiss Plus, Suisse Reborn and Rote Fabrik from Switzerland, marie claire from France and YUME´ I from Japan.

‘‘We have the best products at the most competitive prices. We keep the price as low as possible so our customers trust us and continue to come back. We are the best place to shop for beauty products in Hong Kong,’’ Ip says.

In 2005, the company also set up an online store — — to promote the Bonjour brand to the world, as well as its products, which are available at arguably the best prices and value available on the Web. Their main markets are China and other developed markets, including Australia, the U.S. and Britain.

‘‘We must maintain our commitment to high standards, quality and service, so that we may continue to expand in Hong Kong and China,’’ says Ip, who was the 2007 recipient of the World Outstanding Chinese Award given by the World Chinese Business Investment Foundation.

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HK women say ‘bonjour’ to beauty
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Amid the continuous growth seen in Web commerce worldwide over the past decade, the Internet store of Bonjour Cosmetics has emerged as a key business of the Bonjour Group, whose strategy is to offer the best cosmetics, skin care and other beauty products to local and overseas customers at the most competitive prices.

JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) plays a prominent role in sustaining and strengthening bilateral trade and investment between Hong Kong and Japan. This year, it is promoting Invest Japan, a campaign that highlights the advantages of investing in the world’s second-largest economy.

Established in 1980, the Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association plays a key role in promoting the region’s largest export industry — electronics. It promotes the collective views of the sector, and is a forum for Hong Kong traders and manufacturers to strengthen business and cooperation with other overseas traders and manufacturers.

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