February 07, 2017

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A revolutionary new way for coffee lovers to brew and enjoy gourmet coffee

The Brew Company’s organic Guatemala gourmet coffee and cool mint tea

What if all you needed was to pour hot water into an innovative package and over fresh coffee grounds to brew the perfect cup of coffee with the rich and full-bodied taste known from the French press?

Danish innovator and entrepreneur Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen has answered this question. He has created a product that provides premium-brewed coffee that does not require a machine or traditional coffee apparatus to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

“The vision has always been to offer coffee of premium quality and convenience,” said Rasmussen, CEO of The Brew Company. “We give people the freedom to brew premium coffee anytime and anywhere.”

Years of research and development resulted in groundbreaking utility packaging that functions as the filter for brewing. The product is branded “The Coffeebrewer” under the “Grower’s Cup” brand of products.

Categorized as super-premium gourmet coffees, Grower’s Cup coffees are single-estate specialty coffees from Brazil, Colombia, Kenya and Costa Rica, as well as organic variants from Guatemala, Honduras and Ethiopia. The beans are masterfully roasted at their century- old estate and modern facility in Middlefart, Denmark.

The company’s patented and award-winning design packaging solutions are also suitable for super premium wholeleaf tea products. Today, “The Teabrewer” brand has an assortment of 16 varieties, all 100 percent natural and organic.

“We are ensuring our innovative product reaches consumers around the world,” said Rasmussen. “With its focus on quality and convenience, Japan is an emerging market for us and we understand Japanese consumers appreciate high-quality products that are easy to use with a busy lifestyle.”

Grower’s Cup products are present in 220 specialty outdoor lifestyle stores in Japan and the company expects to expand to 400 stores this year through its Japanese partner in the specialty and outdoor channel, Universal Trading.

“Whether you are in school, work or outdoors, today’s busy lifestyle should not mean people have to compromise on quality. If you appreciate high-quality coffee or tea, this is the product for you,” said Rasmussen.

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