April 03, 2017

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CKT sets its sights on ASEAN and beyond

Calsonic Kansei operates in over 15 countries, supplying key components to automobile manufacturers. In today’s Thai automobile industry, Calsonic Kansei Thailand (CKT) is bolstering its competitiveness through innovation and growth.

"The goal is to prepare CKT for even more expansion in the ASEAN region for the long run."

President of Calsonic Kansei Thailand (CKT)


Over the last five years, CKT has been collaborating with new car manufacturers in Thailand — most recently with Mitsubishi and Mazda. “It definitely shows our competitiveness in this country,” explains CKT’s president, Hironori Kimura. “Nonetheless, we have to continue to be more competitive — not only in the country — but also in other regions.”

Today, CKT understands the potential of the ASEAN Economic Community and what the bloc will signify for the future of Southeast Asia’s economy. “As of now, our business is mainly domestic and our exports account for only 15 percent of our total,” he continues. “Some of our customers are increasing their exports to cope with the slowdown here. Therefore, we will support them by growing our export business if needed.”

Today, the Thai subsidiary’s sales have reached $400 million, while its profit ratio has also increased over the years. “We owe our good performance to our staff’s continued effort,” says Kimura.

The company is also looking carefully into value creation within the organization. “It is each person’s responsibility in the company to be aware of cost considerations, and everyone can take action at their level,” he affirms. “Having a healthy cash flow and net debt are my priorities. It will make us thrive in these challenging times.”

“We will consolidate our position in Thailand, while we also look more closely at growth strategies in other countries where we already have existing operations — such as Malaysia, Indonesia and India,” Kimura says. “The goal is to prepare CKT for even more expansion in the ASEAN region for the long run.”

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