September 15, 2017

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Deloitte Mexico maintains strong commitment to serving Japanese investment in Mexico

Naoya Hoshi, Senior Manager and Expat from Deloitte Japan and Jorge Mesta Espinosa, Lead Partner for Asian Markets, Japanese Service Group, Deloitte Mexico

The bedrock of every corporation — whether local or foreign — is the professional services it requires to run fiscally efficient.

Since 1906, Deloitte Mexico has been offering its services to all types of companies. Today, it is the biggest accounting and consulting services firm in Mexico, with over 5,500 employees and 367 partners.

The firm has enlisted about 75 percent of major domestic companies and represents 40 percent of Japanese companies in the country. In particular, its exposure to Japanese companies investing in Mexico is especially strong.

In fact, Deloitte Mexico is the oldest Japanese services practice in Mexico. Its fiscal name: Galaz, Yamazaki, Ruiz Urquiza reflects that heritage, with Yamazaki listed as one of its founders.

“Our Japanese Services Group (JSG) here in Mexico began in 1954, when the major Japanese trading companies arrived in Mexico,” recalled Naoya Hoshi, Expat from Deloitte Japan of JSG Deloitte Mexico, and the only Japanese CPA with experience in auditing practices in Mexico.

The influx of Japanese investment — specifically from the automotive sector — has more than doubled since 2011. Equipped with four trilingual and two bilingual Japanese professionals, the firm has facilitated this expansion by offering a full rage of professional services catered to Japanese.

“We fulfill a lot of requirements from our Japanese clients, and we have been able to assist them with their investment and expansion plans both new and old,” said Jorge Mesta Espinosa, lead partner for Asian Markets of Deloitte Mexico.

“With Mexico’s economy moving in a general upwards trend and increasingly becoming an attractive destination for investors, we anticipate the Japanese to continue to invest here in the short and long term,” he continued.

“We at JSG of Deloitte Mexico will continue to support strongly Japanese investment and facilitate business between Mexico and Japan,” added Hoshi.

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