April 17, 2017

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Fresh ideas and passion for progress drive Yokogawa in China

Yokogawa Electric Corp. was one of the earliest foreign measurement instrument and industrial automation companies to establish a presence in China. Today, the company is a global industry leader with over 100 years of experience built on its reputation for such breakthrough innovations as the world’s first commercialized distributed control system. Nowadays Yokogawa has transformed into a total solution company from sensor to enterprise, it acquired KBC Advanced Technologies and Soteica Visual MESA and integrated its industrial knowledge business unit operations into KBC to enhance its business portfolio.

"Our strong focus on co-innovation with our clients benefits both our customers and China’s development."

President of Yokogawa China

In China, Yokogawa set up several joint venture companies throughout the 1980s and 1990s. In 2008, Yokogawa China Co. Ltd. was established to service the company’s growing number of clients across the country. The company today has over 2,600 employees and more than 10 facilities across China, focused on R&D, engineering, manufacturing and services.

As a total solutions provider serving the automation industry, Yokogawa has provided more than 3,600 automation systems (as of December) and various solution packages to customers in China, including manufacturing execution solutions, process optimization solutions, energy management systems, plant performance improvement solutions, supply chain management solutions, industrial cyber security solutions and more to meet customers’ requirements across the country. The president of Yokogawa China, Yu Dai, has plans to further accelerate the company’s growth strategy in China.

“We are ambitious about our future in China,” said Dai. “Our strong focus on co-innovation with our clients benefits both our customers and China’s development.”
While Yokogawa China already has secured over half of China’s large-scale and complex automation contracts in the oil and gas industry in the last a few years, the company aims to serve more customers in the future.

“We constantly upgrade our solutions to meet demand,” said Dai. “We have a solid reputation as a technology pioneer in the industrial market and will remain committed to our customers across China.”

Opportunities include IIOT (industrial internet of things) business segment, involving connected devices, buildings and industrial equipment that are embedded with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity to collect and exchange data, and create value-adding solutions and services. This ongoing advancement is expected to provide improved productivity, analytics for innovation and workforce transformation.

“We live in a fast-changing world with constantly evolving opportunities,” concluded Dai. “Fresh ideas and a passion for change and progress will drive Yokogawa China towards a great future.”

From April 7, Dai’s responsibilities will expand to cover ASEAN countries and China.

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