September 15, 2017

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From Yakult Puebla — OIV’s family values course aims to spread Japanese-style order and cleanliness throughout Mexico

Alejandro Kasuga, Director General of Yakult de Puebla and President of Organizacion Impulsora de Valores

As you walk through the halls of Yakult de Puebla, winner of the Mexican and Ibero-American Quality Awards, you will immediately notice the exceptional cleanliness and organization of the 35-year-old company.

While this in itself is typical of Japanese companies, Alejandro Kasuga, director general of Yakult de Puebla, saw the need to apply these values to the rest of Mexico to promote basic tools to teach family values to employees and their families.

“The methodology we initially applied here at Yakult Puebla is a synergy between the Japanese habit of ki o tsukau (being considerate) and elements of the Japanese 5S organizational method of order and cleanliness,” explained Kasuga.

The result of this mesh of principles was the establishment of Organizacion Impulsora de Valores (OIV) or Organization Impelling Values, the entity co-founded by Kasuga and tasked with carrying out an order and cleanliness program aimed at addressing social problems in Mexico.

“Our principle belief is that if you teach both order and cleanliness, two very visual and tangible values, then the formation of other values such as responsibility, discipline, punctuality and others begin to take shape, “ he said.

OIV’s promotion of family values in organizations through periodic free courses (every six months) to employees and their families targets organizations of all sizes, as well as schools.

“Our program is supported by Mexico’s Ministry of Education,” Kasuga commented. “Within a year, we’ve already worked with numerous schools and government offices, as well as Mexican, multinational and Japanese companies. Our goal is to work with 22 organizations by the end of this year, impacting more than 2,000 families.”

Through getting employees and their families to promote values and good habits, Kasuga believes this can lead to a cultural change in Mexico.

“I would encourage Japanese companies here in Mexico to sign up to our instructor’s course so their employees and families can apply order and cleanliness within their homes, and thus build the strong foundational values needed to help Mexico prosper further. It is imperative that organizational leaders help restore the torn social fabric, thread by thread, family by family.”

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