June 10, 2016

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Giving back to employees - simply good business sense

Nobuyuki Takahashi, Founder and President of NT Philippines

Since its foundation in 1989, NT Philippines has continuously expanded its operations and expanded into other fields. Under the name Nampow Philippines, it initially exported small machinery from Japan to the Philippines. Later on, it progressed to tobacco and mango processing and exporting.

A subsequent change in Japanese fumigation requirements for these agricultural products severely limited the business, leading to the company’s evolution into the next stage of its growth and expansion.

Nobuyuki Takahashi, founder and president of NT Philippines, first ventured into the manufacturing business in 1989. Starting with 50 employees, the company started producing noise filters for cordless phones and then beepers, moving on to mobile phones to smartphone components.

The latest step in NT’s continuing growth has resulted in its expanding into the BPO (business process outsourcing) sector of the electric parts industry. The company now counts a total of 1,200 employees.

In 2015, with most of its clientele Japanese and most of its employees Filipinos, NT also established a Japanese– English language school in Alabang, Manila. The school — NT Language Academy — helps its employees widen their opportunities by giving them the tools to communicate with both nationalities.

Takahashi firmly believes in empowering NT’s employees by further training them both in the Philippines and in Japan. He looks at it as a way of giving back to the community and opening up opportunities for them and their families.

For him, it’s just good practice. “In any business, the key to success is quite simple: you deliver on time and keep up the quality standards. We accomplish these only because of our employees,” he explained.

Currently, the company is also exploring opportunities in the Philippine real estate and retirement development sectors, and looking further at providing skilled manpower from the Philippines for Japan’s needs.

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