April 17, 2017

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Innovation and technology drive success in China

Hideo Shiwa, CEO of Fujikura China

“In line with our company philosophy, we are a strong technology- oriented company,” said Hideo Shiwa, Fujikura China’s chief representative officer. “This is the motto that drives our innovative approach and keeps us ahead of the competition in the Chinese market.”

Fujikura manufactures electrical components used in a wide variety of industrial applications, and it has grown its presence in China since 1994. While Shiwa has only been at the helm of Fujikura China for little over a year, he is confident the company is well positioned to grasp the increasing number of business opportunities he sees within the Chinese market.

“We expect our business in China to increase significantly through our strong customer base in the automobile sector and through our optical fiber product lines,” said Shiwa.

As more members of China’s middle class aspire to purchase their own cars, companies such as Fujikura are actively supporting the country’s larger automobile manufacturers.

Fujikura China manufactures wire harnesses that transmit power and signals to electric equipment in vehicles, a product in high demand by the major domestic and foreign automotive manufactures in China.

“In addition to our main business lines, we see opportunities in the electric car market,” added Shiwa. “The Chinese government is pushing industry regulations aimed to support the growth of this market and we are thrilled to be playing a role in helping China reduce its carbon emissions.”

“There is no place quite like China to do business,” he concluded. “While the country has a strong manufacturing base, it is also a great sales market. Our ability to support manufacturers and innovative product-driven companies will drive our success in China.”

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