April 17, 2017

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Investing in people, products and solutions

An advanced materials company, Toray Industries (China) is aiming to become the leading company in the sector. The regional company for China under Japan’s Toray Group, Toray Industries (China) first established an office in 1985 in Beijing. It has since grown to encompass 37 locations employing over 8,000 people across the country.

"From a Japanese perspective, you must be doing business in China in order to achieve international growth."

Chief Representative for Toray Industries (China)

As a global leader in the integrated chemistry and advanced materials markets, Toray’s core technologies are based on polymer chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry and biotech. Innovations throughout these fields allow Toray to develop products used in a variety of business segments, including fiber and textile, IT, environment and engineering, plastics and chemicals, composites and life sciences.

“Materials have the power to fundamentally change society and we believe this is the case here in China”, said Kazuhiko Shuto, Toray’s chief representative in China. “We see huge potential in this market. Only 10 years ago, China was a production base, but its market is completely different now. Our business in China includes a strong focus on domestic sales and we have grown and expanded significantly in the last 10 years to meet our customers’ changing demands.”

Fibers, textiles, plastic and chemicals are Toray’s leading business segments in China. Its current customer base is comprised mostly of Chinese companies, but more foreign customers doing business in China are also reaching out to Toray Industries (China) for high-quality products and solutions.

“Although we do supply some commodity products to meet our customer’s needs, we do not sell mass-produced products,” said Shuto. “Instead, we supply high-quality and value-added products to our customers and we will grow in step with the burgeoning Chinese economy. From a Japanese perspective, you must be doing business in China in order to achieve international growth. At Toray Industries (China), we saw the potential of doing business in China early on and we will continue to invest in our people, products and solutions.”

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