September 15, 2017

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Sony leads the field in Mexico’s electronics sector

Designed for Latin America, the Muteki V90 is for people who love music and dance.

Among the hundreds of Japanese companies that have made their way to Mexico in the last five decades, Sony remains a leader in brand strength and Japanese innovation character.

“We’ve been active in the Mexican market for almost 30 years, and have been very strong here,” said Takeshi Uekawa, president of Sony Mexico. “Our brand image has regularly been in the top three of consumer reports, and last year we rose to the top of the rankings for companies in the electronics and technology category.”

The Mexican subsidiary — the largest in Latin America for the Japanese consumer electronics giant — grew by nearly 30 percent in the consumer audio and video market last year and is anticipating yet another year of double-digit growth for 2017.

“Here in Mexico, we ensure the basic principles of sales and marketing are implemented,” explained Uekawa. “Since we have a lot of products across different categories, it’s critical to launch the right products at the right place — and with the right price — so that they are accepted by our customers.”

At the core of this strategy is Sony’s unique corporate DNA. It is globally recognized for its innovative products and it continuously introduces them to the Mexican market.

Takeshi Uekawa, President of Sony Comercio de Mexico

Less than a month ago, Sony unveiled a new product — a one-box audio system — at an amazing launch event in Mexico City attended by influencers, distributors and industry professionals. “The Muteki V90 is designed for Latin America because people love music and dance,” said Uekawa.

The 170-cm-high audio system features LED lighting, DJ effects, a karaoke function, wireless connectivity and 10 powerful speakers. It also incorporates an innovative gesture control that lets you manage music easily, as well as handles and wheels for mobility.

“The Muteki V90 audio system allows consumers to essentially bring ‘fiesta en una nueva dimension’ (party in a new dimension) into their homes,” said Uekawa.

“Mexico is very important for Sony and as a leader in this market, we are committed to introducing the most innovative products for the enjoyment of our customers here in Mexico.”

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