February 07, 2017

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Specialized transport tankers: A bright spot in transitioning industry

Nordic Tankers pursues highly specialized, quality ships built in Japan. One of the company’s chemical tankers, the Nordic Aki is 14,701 DWT with 28 segregations, and was built by the Fukuoka Shipbuilding Company.

For more than half a century, Nordic Tankers has transported highly specialized products across the world’s oceans. The international company operates one of the largest global chemical tanker fleets below 25,000 deadweight tons (DWT) in size. In addition to transporting lubricating oils and petroleum, Nordic Tankers is also a specialist in moving edible oils, acids and chemicals worldwide.

“In the last three years, we have overhauled our strategy by investing in our core assets,” said Per Sylvester Jensen, CEO of Nordic Tankers. “Today, we focus on stainless steel chemical tankers from 15,000 to 25,000 DWT. As both a service provider to Japanese companies and a customer to the country’s shipbuilding industry for the highly specific types of ships we require, we have always found that Japan is a natural place in which to do business.”

Nordic Tankers’ modern fleet is made up of both owned and chartered tonnage vessels, including 40 owned and managed vessels. “We recently purchased five second-hand ships from Japan and ordered two new buildings for long-term lease and charter to be delivered by 2018,” said Jensen. “We also work closely with Japanese customers who are active in the global chemical industry.”

Nordic Tankers’ core trade lanes are the Inter Americas, deep s ea, Northwestern Europe and Europe-West Africa routes, with key locations at Stamford (Connecticut, USA), Houston (Texas, USA), Golfe- Juan (France), Bogotá (Colombia), Riga (Latvia), Singapore, Haugesund (Norway) and Manila (Philippines).

“We are dedicated to delivering quality, time-sensitive solutions,” said Jensen. “Nordic Tankers has done a great deal of business with Japan, and we have longstanding relations with companies, ship-owners and shipbuilders. We will continue to look for new business opportunities in the country, and look forward to working more closely with our Japanese friends, colleagues and partners.” 

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